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December 04, 2008


Tom Jr.

Glad you liked it. PETA probably won't...


I think hunters are the original environmentalists, but I don't even think a lot of hunters realize that! Uncontrolled and non-sustainable development, pollution and even (yes, I'm going to say it) climate change affect your ability to pursue your pastime/hunt for food. I hope everyone, hunters and non hunters, are paying attention.

Tom Sorenson

Well, you might find that you like driving a camo Prius.


As a hunter with 50 years in the field, I find the experiance better today than ever. Today hunters are in the field with Eagles, and Ospreys, cleaner water, less polluted game, and many of our furry friends that were extinct in those Beaver Cleaver days. I hunt with my grandfathers Model 12 he bought used in the 20's. Here's to good dogs, good friends, and good hunting.


Bambi's mother was organic.


I tell tree huggers (even the non-vegans generally reflexively hostile to hunting) that they should quit giving hunters a hard time -- it's the ultimate in "free range" meat.

On the flipside, if scientists ever come up with reasonable quality tissue-cultured "death-free" meat, the PETA a-holes and their ilk would still be against it.


I love vegetarians.
They're all I eat.

Don Surber

Good post. Just keep your deer out of my roads. That's all I ask. Hunters are not killing enough of them in West Virginia.

Don P.

My hunting buddies and I like to joke about this, but there's a lot of truth to the statement that if you want to preserve a species, you should put a season on it.

Most fish and game clubs, and the hunters who are part of them, put a tremendous amount of effort into preserving the environments that they hunt in. This includes raising and releasing game animals, as well as contributing significantly to managing the environments those animals thrive in.

Gill B.

Yeah, it's great for the environment when you litter the ground with lead.



OMG. A skeet-hugger.


I think he's a "scat hugger." He doesn't know they make shot out of things other than lead nowadays.

Donna V.

I don't hunt, but my dad did and he was raised on a farm. Anytime a self-righteous vegan starts going on about how it's wrong to kill for food, I tell them that every farmer, even the organic ones, have to kill an awful lot of gophers, field mice, foxes, moles, deer, rabbits, etc. or else they won't have a crop to speak of. Therefore, the dividing line is not between us nasty meat-eaters and simon pure vegetarians, but those who kill to put food on the table and those who outsource the killing to others.

That argument works wonders on urban vegetarians. They know so little about nature that it has never occurred to them that nice Mr. Jones who sells his organic produce at the Farmer's Market might be out there with a shotgun varmint hunting.

Arugula and tofu just drop from the heavens onto the shelves at Whole Foods, I guess.

Guy Sagi

Interesting approach Ludlow. I bet it leaves a lot of jaws dropping!

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