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January 30, 2008


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Tom Jr.

Nat ain't a hunter, but he is one of the finest outdoorsmen I know. He may even make a profession out of the outdoors. I am looking forward to a brothers camping and clmibing trip this spring that is already getting planned!Plus the story of Nats buck is as good or better than any hunting story I have!

Kristine Shreve

I think every kid can take something away from the whole experience of hunting. You are right though, some kids, and adults for that matter, may not be up for or inclined to be in on the actual kill.

I think the important thing is that kids be exposed to hunting. That way, even if they don't choose to hunt, they'll understand why other people do. I'd say your cousin Nat is a great example of that.

Another stellar post by the way. I really like this series. I think you should pitch it to a magazine.

Not a Hunter's Wife

We all have our different passions, but it's great to get to explore many before you settle down into what you love. This anonymous storyteller may not be a hunter, but I bet he will be doing a lot of fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities with his two daughters. And, he's an awesome songwriter!

Not a hunter

Nicely worded Matt. Maybe with a little digging, that non-hunter could find you a picture of that button buck and the coat with the secret reading material compartment in the back.


As a member of this crazy family I've heard most of these stories before, but when you put them all together it makes me even more proud to be a part of something so special. I've always preferred the beach to the woods, but because I've grown up around outdoorsmen (and women) I can appreciate the important part that hunting, fishing, etc. plays in many peoples' lives. You guys go ahead and enjoy sitting in the 30 degree woods at 4am on Saturday mornings...my husband and I will probably just be going to bed from a night of jamming with friends in the basement!


Great post, Matt. It is a perfect example of how hunting teaches love of the outdoors even to non-hunters. One thing you've pointed out before is that people who eat meat should know where it comes from--and since Americans got off the farm, a lot of people don't know that reality.
Love of nature is so important to our children's future: They will be the ones to save the world from itself. I agree you should turn this into a print article.


Hunting is never a thing I will force my kids to do, but they are certainly going to be exposed to the outdoors and shown what mother nature has to offer. If after that they choose a different road it will bother me, but it will be their choice.


Great thoughts. We don't have children yet, but with it in the back of our minds, posts like these are priceless. Thank you.


Awesome perspective on this topic. I like how you word it - we're not just introducing people to hunting...but to the outdoors!


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