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September 01, 2007


Tom Jr.

Thats a great column Matt! You must have put a lot of time into this piece. Congratulations on the new addition! See ya during deer season.


this was a well thought out and interesting post. I am going to rethink a little of my previous beliefs as I think on this
excellent article.


Great job, matt! You wrote an excellent piece about an important topic that will be sure to be an important resource for current and future bloggers alike. Thank you!


I suggest anyone planning to go to the summit meeting should not only watch over their own young adults but also keep a watchful eye on other young adults to keep them safe at the summit and check with everyone when foul play is suspected. As for home safety, keep in touch with your family members and your neighbors (including their young adults) and talk to them regularly just so they know if they need help your there for them at anytime your needed. Community watch goes a long way if everyone gets invovled and works together,and it does work for everyone.


A great piece of blogging. Very well put together. I cannot even imagine the amount of time that was put into this.

I think that we should all be cautious of anything we do that involves family. We can be at just as much risk in the local mall or bar for that matter as you can on the net. Definitely another thing to be aware of though. Well done.


Nice work, Matt!

I don't worry too much about general family information on either my blog or my website. There are simply too many other things for me to concern myself over, including the fact that this "suburb" I'm currently living in is rapidly growing larger, population-wise, than the entire county I moved from in North Carolina. With that growth and urbanization come some very real threats to my home and family...

What you've put together here, though, is an excellent collection of information for those who'd like to consider their positions.


I feel your pain on the growth issues. My county has been among the top five fastest growing in the nation for several years, and we face many threats that were unheard of when I was a kid here; over-crowded schools, gangs, high taxes, no land left to hunt, etc.


Well written piece, Matt. It never hurts to be AWARE.

Kristine Shreve


Terrific post and very well written. It was worth the wait.

One thing you didn't mention, and a question I didn't think to bring up is whether women and men feel differently about the information they reveal. I know I think more about what I say because I've known of at least one female bloggers who was stalked by a reader of her blog.

Again, very well done. I hope you do more of these posts in the future.


Matt, great post! When writing about my Grandchildren, I always get my Kids permission and I always try to get a "not very good" picture of them to display.

I agree with Rex, if problems arise, there are a lot a places to hide a body!

Decatur Indiana

very nice article. I just posted my own findings about my daughter,her friends, and their myspace pages the other day. Funny how we run across similar topics when were just out and about surfing the web.


I think some people get way too personal online I tend to keep things away from the personal when online. The worst personal offenders are myspace users and their "40 things you don't know about me" surveys.

Pit bull NM

Very useful post, Matt. I often think about this subject, and while I don't have a "magic bullet" either, I feel that common sense is likely to be the best metric before hitting the "post" button.

In hopes of showing that it's not just our spouses and our young that we need to consider when posting online, I'll link to a blog that I have followed for some time. It's written by a woman that is active in American Pit bulls (conformation and performance events). She was accussed of being a dog fighter due to her Craig's List attraction in which she was trying to sell a doggie treadmill.

Pit bull NM

Here's the link:

FWIW to you, I found your weblog via Pat Burn's, Terrierman blogspot page.


Pit bull NM

Here's the link:

FWIW to you, I found your weblog via Patrick Burn's, Terrierman blogspot page.


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When I started out, I didn't use anyone else's name on my site without his or her permission.


I have heard a lot on this topic, but it seems to me that your ideas are the best. I like the post very much.
"Every new opinion, at its starting, is precisely in a minority of one." But I am sure your ideas will have a great succes, because I like them very much

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