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January 09, 2008



Knowing nothing about hunting (except what I've learned from this blog), I would say the 3 most important things when hunting with kids: safety, safety, and safety. And teaching the kids how to stay safe themselves!

Kristine Shreve

I like your three. I think they cover most of the issues that may come up very well.


The three answers you gave were perfect. Keeping it fun and safe are two things that most parents need to really focus on.


I hate to be redundant here Matt, but I would have to say that your three cover all the aspects of a child having a good time in the woods.


I just located you blog via the OBS. Ironically, I have a blog with a similar focus and reside in NOVA as well.

We should catchup to share ideas.

To this post the children of today, need to rely on us to teach and show them the ways of conservation. This will allow their children to see what the "outdoors" is and means.

Great Blog!


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