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February 27, 2008


Tom Jr.

At least you have the choice whether or not you can write...Take yourself back to the days at VT when you HAD to write LOTS...like I did today, not for enjoyment, but for a grade.Perhaps that will give you some motivation...

Kristine Shreve

I've actually gotten a few posts out of writing about how I have nothing to write. I'm not saying they were great posts, but they were posts.

I'm a little less intense about it now though, so I'd probably just blow it off for a day.


I'm not sure either - one day I might not worry about, a couple of days I'd probably write a post - unless it was over the weekend. I enjoy your blog.


I post sometimes about the fact that I have nothing to post about. I see no problem with it.


I used the same title for my blog post yesterday! My problem was a bit different than yours was though.

Some days, I can't think of anything to post about, or can't take the time to find something to post about...those days just get blown off!

The Hunter's Wife

Sometimes it is good to take a day off. But as the reader, I like reading anything. Whether you are posting about the outdoors or something more personal.

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